Social Interaction researchers within the Department of Communication at the University of Washington seek to understand broadly the ways in which people connect with one another through verbal and nonverbal processes. The InterAction Lab -and- Family Communication and Relationships Lab serves as a site to help accomplish this research.

The InterAction Lab -and- Family Communication and Relationships Lab is a space dedicated to conducting state-of-art communication research. The lab includes both CMU 321 and 323. CMU 323 functions as a control center for the unobtrusive audio and video recording that occurs within CMU 321. It also is used to store biological samples for studies on the physiology of communication. CMU 321 is a controlled environment equipped with flexible furniture to accomplish various research activities such as interaction and experimental study designs, focus groups, interviews, and various workshops. CMU 321 also includes a couch and comfortable chairs to simulate a realistic interaction setting. In addition to CMU 321 and 323, CMU 325 is used occasionally when research designs are more complex and require additional space. It includes a large table, which facilitates such activities as the collection of biological samples and the completion of surveys.

The use of the InterAction -and- Family Communication and Relationships Lab lab is strictly for communication research activities. If you’re interested in using the lab to conduct communication research, please contact Dr. Kristina M. Scharp at to see about scheduling availability. Priority will be given to those research activities that involve questions central to social interaction.