Scholarship on social interaction focuses on the language and nonverbal processes through which people connect with one another. Courses in this area concentration examine the development of personal relationships, the role of communication in social influence, the processes of group deliberation, and other communication activities as they occur in face-to-face and on-line settings. Courses explore how communication shapes and reflects initial encounters, informal conversations, interpersonal conflicts, close relationships, and decision making. They also reflect on the nature of social interaction as a theoretical, ethical, and cultural practice.

Graduate students area of concentration is in Social Interaction.

Graduate students who wish to learn more about social interaction can enroll in the Department of Communication courses listed below. Students also typically enroll in other courses within and outside the Department, and students are welcome to develop programs of study that combine different area emphases.

COM 514 Critical Discourse Analysis
COM 512 Critical, Social, and Practice-Based Approaches
COM 517 Survey Research
COM 520 Statistical Methods in Communication
COM 521 Advanced Statistical Methods in Communication
COM 534 Observational Rating and Coding
COM 537 Comm and Community
COM 555 Political Deliberation
COM 567 Ethnicity, Gender, and Comm
COM 569 Relational Comm
COM 570 Organizational Comm
COM 576 Interpersonal Comm
COM 577 Comm in Small Groups
COM 578 Intercultural Comm
COM 580 Nonverbal Comm

Undergraduate students area of concentration is in Social and Cultural Communication.

Courses in the area of social and cultural communication emphasize how meanings are communicated through symbolic processes in various mediated and unmediated contexts. Of central concern is how personal, social, and cultural identities are reflected and constructed through communicative processes.

Courses: Undergraduate students who wish to learn more about Social and Cultural Communication can enroll in the Department of Communication courses listed below.
COM 233 Introduction to Language and Society (5) VLPA
COM 270 Interpersonal Communication (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 289 Communication and Difference (5) I&S
COM 318 The Creative Advantage (5) I&S
COM 325 Communication, Cities, and Sustainability (5) I&S
COM 351 Interviewing Principles and Practices (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 359 Writing for Mass Media (5) I&S
COM 373 Communication in Small Groups (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 374 Perspectives on Language (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 376 Nonverbal Communication (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 378 Social Approaches to Interpersonal Communication
COM 389 Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media (5) I&S,
COM 418  Com & Environment (5) (I&S)
COM 443 Indigenous Films, Sovereign Visions (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 444 Public Relations and Society (5) I&S
COM 451 Mass Media and Culture (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 472 Empirical Approaches to Interpersonal Communication (5) I&S
COM 473 Discussion Leadership (3) VLPA/I&S
COM 474 Communication, Conflict, and Cooperation (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 475 Organizational Communication (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 478 Intercultural Communication (5) I&S
COM 480 Communication in Adolescent Environments (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 482 Interpersonal Media (5) I&S
COM 484 Cultural Codes in Communication (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 488 Race, Gender, and Power in Asian American Media (5) I&S, DIV
COM 489 Black Cultural Studies (5) I&S
COM 490 Representing Beyond the Binaries: Mixing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media (5) I&S,
COM 492 Re-Conceptualizing Communication and Difference Abroad (6) VLPA/I&S

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