The Master of Communication in Digital Media gives professionals the necessary tools to understand and exploit the fast-changing world of media technology and distribution.

The MCDM provides students the opportunity to study the economic, political, social and cultural impact of these new communication technologies. In this way, they will learn what is driving this digital media revolution — and why. This is key intelligence for anyone looking to advance his or her career through the use of media innovation.

The program stays abreast with developments in the workplace through an External Advisory Board consisting of leading digital media communication professionals.

Directed and taught by Department of Communication faculty, the MCDM maintains the rigorous academic standards of the University of Washington Graduate School. Courses are based on the theory and practice of the communication discipline.

The MCDM program focuses on:

  • Social Media (community and distribution)
  • Storytelling (effective content creation)
  • The business of digital media in communication (revenue models,
    marketing and regulation)

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