The Department has both undergraduate and graduate programs in this Technology and Society.  Current faculty include:

Lance Bennett
Kirsten Foot
Carmen Gonzalez
Benjamin Mako Hill
Richard Kielbowicz
Katy Pearce
Matthew Powers

Read more about Technology and Society events and people below:

Media Labor in the Age of Youtube

Gina Neff, Assistant Professor of Communication, provides a framework for thinking through the valorization of media content in emerging market conditions, with a particular focus on the work involved in making media products and the people who do this communication…

Parks delivers Scheidel Faculty Lecture on science of personal relationship and networks

On April 29, Dr. Malcolm Parks delivered the Thomas M. Scheidel Annual Faculty Lecture on “Deeply Connected: The Science of Personal Relationships and Networks.” Parks is a professor in the UW Department of Communication. The quality of our personal relationships…

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