In order to help in the career development of our undergraduate students, the Department of Communication has developed twelve career paths that students can reference to gain a better understanding of which courses and skills are needed for which careers, and to help them coordinate their efforts while in the department. Below, we have listed twelve pathways. Each of these relates to more than one area of study in communication, and we have tried to identify the principal area of study as well as areas which may additionally benefit students hoping to find careers in these fields. Each pathway encompasses a large number of specific jobs. By clicking on the link for each pathway, you will find further information about jobs and internships available in the field as well as suggestions for coursework outside of the department that may be beneficial to students seeking these careers. In addition, we’ve listed several alumni with distinguished careers in each pathway and have profiled some recent graduates to offer a more in-depth look at both how to prepare for the different paths and what a career in those paths may be like.

Career Pathways