1. When can I see an adviser?
Advising appointments and drop-ins are held Monday-Friday 9 -11:30 a.m. and 1:30-3:30 p.m. in the Communication Commons (CMU 118). Click here to sign up for an appointment.

2. What can I see an adviser for?
Please sign up for an advising appointment if you have questions about:
• Academic and course planning
• Academic petitions
• Study abroad course evaluation

Please come in for drop-ins if you have questions about:
• Change of major forms
• Declaring a minor
• Applying for graduation
• CPT/OPT forms
• VA forms

3. I want to study/work on a group project. Where can I go?
The Communication Commons (CMU 118) is a great place for you and/or your group mates to study! We have table space and large monitors that you can connect to your laptop computers.

4. My prerequisites are currently in-progress this quarter, can I apply this quarter as well?
All prospective Communication and Journalism majors will need to have their prerequisite course(s) completed prior to applying. Students who have their course in-progress during the current quarter will have to wait until the first week of the following quarter to apply.

5. How do I apply to graduate?
Come in during drop-in advising so that an adviser can look over your Degree Audit Report with you and make sure that you are on-track to graduate. They will then fill out the graduation application with you.

6. When can I apply to graduate?
Once a student has reached 135 credits or if they are planning on graduating within the next two quarters, they are eligible to apply to graduate. This is the official paperwork to complete their degree and allows for them to have two consecutive quarters of graduating senior priority registration.

7. What is the Senior Residency Requirement?
When a student reaches their final 60 credits for their degree (120 credits earned) they are required to have at least 45 of those credits be taken in-person at UW Seattle. If a student decides to take them elsewhere, they are allowed 15 credits of online and/or transfer credits. Online credits include UW Seattle online courses and transfer credits include UW Bothell and UW Tacoma credits.

8. How do I add a minor?
Come in during drop-in advising and an adviser will help fill out a Change of Major form to declare a minor. Students are recommended to speak with their minor adviser to go over their academic plan.

9. How do I add a second major?
Come in during drop-in advising and an adviser will help fill out a Change of Major form. Students will then need to obtain a signature from their other departmental adviser. Students are recommended to speak with their other adviser to go over their academic plan.

10. How do I get credit for my internship?
If an internship is communication-related, COM 395 is a way to receive 1-2 credits in a given quarter (max 4 credits for a degree). Students will need to first be given an offer from an organization for an internship and then fill out the COM 395 application form (link to form) and bring it to the Communication Commons (CMU 118) for evaluation and an add code.

11. How do I get credit for my study abroad program?
If you are studying abroad outside of a UW program, you will need to meet with the UW Study Abroad Office and obtain a course evaluation sheet. Each course will then need to be matched with the matching UW department and be signed off by a departmental adviser.

12. What are some ways to get involved on campus?
The Department of Communication has various student organizations that allow students to network and gain leadership skills. There are also a wide-range of student organizations in the UW that cater to students’ professional development and personal interests. If you can’t find one you like, you can also create one!

13. Where can I get help with resumes, cover letters, and internship and job searching?
Take advantage of the UW Career & Internship Center! This office holds various workshops and has career counselors available to assist with your professional development. For more information, click here. The Department of Communication also has a database with communication-related internships.

14. I have a hold on my account because I have reached the 105-credit limit, but have not yet declared a major. What do I do?
Students with a registration hold will need to make an appointment with an adviser to go over their academic plan and fill out a pre-major extension form.