Special Funds for Current Students

Dolores Eyler Fund

A generous gift to the University from Ms. Dolores Eyler in 2010 established the Dolores Eyler Fund to support Communication students who encounter significant expenses due to unexpected and difficult circumstances. Realizing that such moments can cause great hardship for students and interfere with their studies and progress at the UW, this Fund provides unconditional grants — funds that do not need to be repaid — for students to help them through challenging situations.

Students can apply for up to $1,000 once per calendar year to cover expenses that are unexpected. Because such expenses can take infinite form, we cannot offer a comprehensive definition of what qualifies for grants. Here are some circumstances that might prompt someone to apply for a grant from the Dolores Eyler Fund:

  • health care costs
  • car repairs
  • travel for family emergencies
  • work disruption
  • stolen goods

To apply for funds, students provide a one-page explanation of their request and a means for documenting the expenses (examples might include a bill or invoice or receipt, official letter or notice, police report, or names and contact information for specific individuals). This is to be turned in to the Department of Communication Student Advising Office, Room 118 in the Communications Building. Students will be notified within 72 hours whether their request will be funded—either in full or in part.

The process is:

  1. Apply for funds in Communication Advising Office, Room 118
  2. Notification within 72 hours of whether request is funded.

Levy Loan Fund

A generous gift from University of Washington alumni Mr. and Mrs. Harold Levy (’29) has allowed the Department of Communication to establish a loan fund for students committed to careers in communication and related fields. The Levy Loan Fund is designed to help individuals offset the increasingly high costs of education; its monies are available only to undergraduate and graduate students admitted to and currently enrolled in the Department of Communication.

The Levy Loan Fund makes available short-term loans of up to $1,000. Loans are made on a competitive and funds-available basis. Application deadlines are: October 1, January 15, April 1, and July 1. Students can receive a maximum of one loan per calendar year.