Communication students have the opportunity to earn scholarship awards because of generous gifts from our alumni and friends. On the journalism site you can find scholarships for journalism students. The department also lists outside scholarships.

The 2014 Department of Communication Scholarship Application period will be from April 1, 2014-April 14, 2014. The online Department of Communication Scholarship Application for 2014 is due on April 14, 2014. You can access the application here.

The Fred Baker Ethics Award

The Fred Baker Ethics Award is presented to five upperclassmen annually. Created to honor the memory of Fred E. Baker, the award identifies students who embody this long-time Seattle advertising executive’s commitment to ethical practice, leadership, and civic engagement: both inside and outside the classroom. Award recipients are nominated by faculty and staff at the Department of Communication and selected by the Undergraduate Professional Development Committee. Each award recipient receives $500.

Seattle Times/Blethen Family Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to ethnic minority students with an interest in print journalism or print advertising. The Seattle Times/Blethen Scholarship was established in 1990 with an initial commitment from the Blethen family of $200,000, split equally between UW and WSU. Scholarships are for minority students in the print journalism editorial sequence. The goal of this particular scholarship is to improve the educational opportunities of minority students, to introduce new ideas and customs into university study programs, and to spread ideas, understanding and information to the general public by increasing the number of minority men and women in print journalism.

Cassie Lawrence Bryant Endowed Scholarship (sponsored by Women in Communications)

Awarded to a Communication major. The Cassie Bryant Scholarship is funded by donations from many people in honor of Ms. Bryant. She was elected as the first treasurer of Theta Sigma Phi, the original name of Women in Communications, which is now known as the Association of Women in Communications. Early in her professional life, she saw the importance of strong local and national organizations committed to the development of women journalists.

Harold E. Carr Scholarship in Communication

The Harold E. Carr Scholarship in Communication provides financial assistance to upper level undergraduate students in the Department of Communication who study in the fields of journalism (print, electronic, digital), public relations, global communication, and political communication.

Bob Doble Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a junior in editorial journalism. The Bob Doble Memorial Fund was established in the 1930s by Jim and Peg Marshall to honor her son, Bob, and has been funded over the years by contributions in various amounts by a large number of supporters.

Kevin Ellis Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to a Communication major with an interest in international communication. The Kevin Ellis Endowed Scholarship was founded in 1985 by his parents in an effort to recognize their son’s interest in the field of international communication. Ellis graduated from the University in 1981. He, along with five traveling companions, was kidnapped by rebel dissidents in Zimbabwe in 1982, while on a tour of Africa to learn more about the country and its people. His death was confirmed in 1985. Contributions to this fund have been made by the Westin Hotels and family members and friends.

Robert W. Harris Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence.

Max and Monica Holsinger Scholarship

Awarded to a Journalism student.

Impola Scholarship

Awarded to a Communication major with an interest in advertising or journalism. The John Impola Endowment for Journalism Education, was established in 1990 by John Impola’s widow, Marion, with an initial contribution of $10,000. His interest in journalism began in Cathlamet, where, as a schoolboy, he would drop by a print shop after class to handset type. Level-headed, objective and responsible reporting was almost a religion to him. It was hoped that the proceeds of this scholarship would be used to improve and enhance business and financial information dissemination.

Ruddick C. & Cherry Lawrence Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to a Communication major who has demonstrated academic excellence. The Ruddick C. and Cherry Lawrence Endowed Scholarship was founded in 1996 to enhance and strengthen the school. Lawrence began his professional life as the Director of Publicity for the Detroit Institute of the Arts and then went on to serve as manager at American Boy Magazine and Fortune Magazine. He was vice president of the New York Stock Exchange from 1953 to 1968 and founded his own consulting firm, Lawrence Associates, in 1977. Throughout his career, he was committed to community service and education.

Northwest Asian Weekly Scholarship

Awarded to a Communication major in editorial journalism who has an interest in Asian media.

Northwest Automotive Press Association Scholarship

The Northwest Automotive Press Association (NWAPA) is a group of writers mostly composed of journalists who live and work in the Northwest, although there are some out of state members and many members have national venues.

Annually, for the last seven years, NWAPA has sponsored and organized a contest to choose the Family Sport Utility vehicle of the year. The winning vehicle is one that best reflects all the necessary components that makes it especially compatible with our climate and topography.

The group supports younger journalists, and possible future members, to reach their career goals through this $1,000 scholarship.

To be eligible students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Is a University of Washington student currently registered.
  • Is a junior or senior
  • Major in Communication, journalism; and be accepted within the Communication Department.
  • Hold a Communication’s GPA of 3.2 or higher.
  • Must have future career goals in print or broadcast journalism.
  • Must be a resident of Washington, Oregon or Idaho.
  • Should have an interest in automotive, consumer products and/or mechanical or technical products as a part of journalistic plans or goals.
  • Should have a piece of published writing in journal, newspaper, magazine or some experience in broadcast of any kind.

Robert L. Patterson Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence.

Don Pember Journalism Endowed Scholarship

The Don Pember Journalism Scholarship supports scholarships for journalism students, with preference for community college transfer students or journalism students with a strong interest in media law.

Don joined the University of Washington faculty in 1969 and served as a mentor to many undergraduate and graduate students. He received the UW’s prestigious Distinguished Teaching Award in 1973 and was recognized two years later for excellence in teaching by the Carnegie Foundation. His path-breaking work on privacy led to Privacy and the Press (1979) and he has been a significant leader in mass communication through two popular textbooks. There were six editions of Mass Media and America and, as of the summer of 2007, Don is working on the 16th edition of his highly regarded Mass Media Law.

Robert F. Philip Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence.

John H. & Harriet Reid Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a junior in editorial journalism. The John and Harriet Reid Memorial Scholarship was begun in 1961. The Reids raised nine sons and daughters, all of whom earned degrees from the University of Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Reid received honorary degrees from the University in 1941, recognizing them as especially deserving parents. John Reid was a local printer with University Press, who established one of the first open circulation newspapers in the region.

Roller Scholarship in Communication

Awarded to a junior interested in advertising. The Roller Scholarship Fund in Communication was established by Jane Roller in memory of her husband, J. Reid Roller, to support Department of Communication undergraduate students. J. Reid Roller was an Associate Professor in the School of Communications in the 1980s. He came to the department after a long career at J. Walter Thompson, a renowned advertising agency (known as JWT since 2005). Roller received his BSc in 1938 and his MBA in 1940 from Ohio State.

Dan Warner/Bob Willey Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a junior with an interest in copywriting. The Puget Sound Advertising Federation made initial contributions to this fund in 1978 to honor Robert Willey, a 1953 graduate of the School, who received national recognition for his expertise in radio advertising. Dan Warner was likewise honored by the PSAF for his significant contributions to the field.

Flip Wilson Minority Scholarship

Scholarship applicants complete an essay that explores Flip Wilson’s work and its impact on television and comedy during the 1970s.

Marty Wilson Endowed Scholarship

Awarded to a Communication major with an interest in broadcast. The Marty Wilson Scholarship was established in 1996 with memorial gifts received from her family, friends and admirers. Her professional career began in 1957 with the development of a program about education from the point of view of a parent. She produced numerous programs for KOMO-TV and served as a visiting lecturer in the School of Communications. In 1984 she was named National Presswoman of the Year. Ms. Wilson exemplified everything we encourage our journalism students to strive toward. The many achievements and awards throughout her creative and courageous career offer an example of what can be accomplished for a new generation of journalists.

Excellence in Journalism

Recipients are selected based on their expressed interest in a career in newspapers, including applicable paid or volunteer work experience, consideration of the quality and content of the student essay and consideration of overall academic record. Proceeds from this fund are to be used to encourage and enable students to pursue a career in newspaper journalism.

Journalism Foreign Intrigue Endowed Scholarship

The Journalism Foreign Intrigue Scholarship was established by a UW Journalism alum, and provides financial support for a journalism student to work as an intern reporter at a foreign newspaper and to travel after the internship. The donor’s goal is to give journalism students exposure to another culture and a more thorough understanding of journalism and culture.