Study Abroad

Study abroad programs are life changing experiences.

The Department of Communication offers fantastic opportunities to study abroad in Italy or Spain.  These popular programs attract students across campus. For details about a particular program, check the Department website to attend information sessions, or contact the faculty instructors listed below.

Communication and Culture in Rome: A Focus on Families (WI 2021)
This course teaches about the interplay between culture and communication and uses the specific environment of Rome to learn and then observe ways that those concepts are enacted. We also center on how our own cultural perspective affects these processes and our sense of self. In 2021, the class will also include family communication concepts, given the importance of family within the Italian culture. In small groups, students will be connected with local families to engage in observation of communication practices. Whereas this focus is applicable to those majoring in Communication, it is also relevant (and therefore the class is open) to students from around the UW (all campuses). Students will have classroom time that orients them to communication/cultural concepts and to basics of the Italian language, and it will include observations and activities around Rome that make the concepts “come alive.”  Faculty: Valerie Manusov and Kristina Scharp. Applications are due May 15.
Or contact Professor Valerie Manusov (

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