Tech and Global
Successive revolutions in technology have created a rapidly evolving global communication system that reflects and affects nearly every aspect of social life including the way we develop and maintain personal relationships, form communities, do business, create and disseminate news, experience cultural similarities and differences, and govern ourselves at all levels. Classes in the area of technology and global media explore these connections.

Courses: Undergraduate students who wish to learn more about Technology and Global Media can enroll in the Department of Communication courses listed below.

COM 294 Multimedia Skills Workshop (1-3, max. 5)
COM 300 Basic Concepts of New Media (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 302 The Cultural Impact of Information Technology (5) VLPA/I&S
COM 303 Social Effects of Technology and Social Media (5)
COM 322 Global Communication (5) I&S
COM 340 History of Mass Communication (5) I&S
COM 403 Dark Sides of Digital Media (5)
COM 407 Communication Technology and Politics (5) I&S
COM 423 Communication and Social Change (5) I&S
COM 442 History of Media Technology and Regulation (5) I&S
COM 450 International Communication Law and Policy (5) I&S

Learn about Technology and Global Media from the faculty members who teach classes in this area.

Career Pathways: A degree in this area of Communication can lead to a variety of jobs. Below are a few options to get you thinking about where you want your career to start after graduation.

Industry: Research

From a broad perspective, careers in research and analysis revolve around asking questions and finding answers to those questions. Within the field of communication, these questions often focus on human communication, behavior, and opinion formation, and their relationship with societal factors such as culture, socioeconomic status and other demographics, politics, and the mass media. Classes in the area of Technology and Global Media explore these connections.

Examples of professions on this career path:research

  • College lecturer/professor
  • Pollster
  • Research Director
  • Research project manager
  • Data/Intelligence Analyst

Students interested in research are encouraged to work with a faculty member or a graduate student on their research (COM 499) or seek advice from them on their own research (COM 498). This independent or collaborative research work will help students to think critically about research and analysis. The Department of Communication also provides an opportunity for advanced undergraduate study and research in communication through its Honors Program. Entry into the program is highly competitive, with no more than 10 students accepted each year.

Industry: International Relations

A career in international relations can revolve around the intersection and exchange of politics, culture, and media. Careers in this area can work for federal or international government departments and branches or non-governmental organizations (including non-profits, humanitarian/philanthropic organizations, or corporate organizations).

Examples of professions on this career path:Study Abroad

  • Diplomatic agent/liaison
  • International negotiator
  • Translator/language specialist
  • Foreign affairs analyst/specialist
  • Foreign service officer
  • Intelligence specialist/analyst
  • Policy advisor

To prepare for a career in this area, students may also seek out classes in the Jackson School of International Studies, or a minor in International Studies, which offers various courses within specific geographic regions. Students interested in furthering their education may also wish to participate in a study abroad program.

Industry: Sales / Marketing / Advertising

Careers in sales and marketing include skills and knowledge of effective, creative, and strategic communication in various corporate industries or non-profits. Sales and marketing representatives are often the public face of an organization in social and corporate interactions, such as industry tradeshows and conferences, and thus these careers demand a strong background in communication.

  • SalespersonAlex Diaz 200x200
  • Marketing specialist > Read how alumnus Alex Diaz used his marketing skills to work his way up to a position at Twitter.
  • Advertising executive
  • Brand representative/manager
  • Communication specialist
  • SEO Specialist/Web manager

To further prepare themselves, students may consider taking classes in the Foster School of Business Sales Certificate Program in order to further their skills in marketing, sales, and business/organizational communication.