Several exciting research centers and archives are affiliated with the Department of Communication and our faculty:

The Center for Communication and Civic Engagement

The Center for Communication and Civic Engagement is dedicated to research, the creation of citizen resources and student-designed learning experiences that develop new areas of positive citizen involvement in politics and social life. The Center’s primary focus is to understand how new information technologies can supplement more traditional forms of communication to facilitate new forms of civic engagement.

The Global Citizen Project

The Global Citizen Project grew out of student and faculty research at the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement. This site gives an overview of the emerging activities of global citizens who are changing the nature of politics both nationally and internationally. This site contains resources, links and original research to help better understand this growing and significant trend.

UW Center for Local Strategies Research

The purpose of the UW Center for Local Strategies Research is to support research that informs and assists efforts to develop and implement practices and policies for meeting human needs in local communities.

The Center is concerned with a wide array of human situations, both foreign and domestic. Some current projects of the Center’s Associate Scholars include security in post-conflict regions, negotiations of services by refugees and displaced persons living in a host community, efforts to reduce school-dropout rates in economically distressed districts, and participation by citizens in the design and implementation of local services and community-improvement programs. Read more >>

The Excellence in Student Journalism Archives

The Excellence in Student Journalism Archives document the work and achievements of our exemplary journalism students.

The Urban Archives Project

The Urban Archives Project seeks to create a conversation between scholars, artists and activists interested in a variety of issues related to communication in public spaces.

World Information Access Project

The World Information Access Project is an international team of researchers dedicated to investigating global trends in technology distribution, information security, and personal privacy. The researchers look for practical ways to improve equity in information access and for ways to use communications technologies to improve the quality of our economic, political, and cultural lives.