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Featured Funds

The Endowment for Leadership in Communication will fund intense, immersive opportunities for leadership development among UW Department of Communication students. These are opportunities above and beyond typical student experiences that pair first-hand, in-depth learning experiences by students with tailored mentorship by faculty and staff. They draw on the Department’s strong connection with our community and connect students beyond the classroom in purposeful relationship-building moments. These moments are often the experiences that students remember, find most valuable, and use as catalysts toward previously unimagined creativity and learning. Support this fund >>

The Christopher Rauch Meyer Endowed Fund provides students with transformative learning opportunities. This endowment is named in memory and honor of Christopher Meyer, who received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1985 from the University of Washington with majors in Communication and Psychology. Christopher’s experiences on UW crew for four years as a lightweight oarsman and his initiation into the Varsity Boat Club as a member of Delta Chi Fraternity were transformative experiences for him. He also had a strong interest in film and theater; he took drama courses to hone his skills in acting and lived and worked in Hollywood on two different occasions to pursue his passion for work in film. This endowment honors Christopher’s legacy of seizing opportunities, taking chances, and pursuing dreams. The UW Department of Communication has a robust career exploration program that moves students beyond the classroom and into communities of alumni and friends who serve as mentors for their career pursuits. This endowment carries forward Christopher’s legacy by supporting such mentoring and providing a range of students with opportunities to travel to and meet with professional communication leaders. Support this fund >>

Communications Discretionary Fund
Unrestricted support for the Department of Communication within the College of Arts and Sciences. Gifts to this fund are used at the discretion of the Chair and are directed where they are needed most.  Support this fund >>

Crowell Graduate Student Fund
This fund was started over twenty years ago to honor Professor Emerita Laura Crowell. Graduate students in the Department of Communication use it exclusively to support research. In particular, the fund supports graduate student travel to conferences to present papers that have been accepted, as well as research activities such as coding, transcription, and duplication of surveys and other materials used by students in their research projects. Support this fund >>

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Suzzallo Society Planned Giving

Become a lifelong Henry Suzzallo Society member by including the UW in your will.

The Henry Suzzallo Society honors individuals who have provided a future gift to the UW under their will/living trust/life insurance policy/retirement plan or similar commitment.

Membership in the Suzzallo Society is a way for the UW to thank and recognize donors now for their commitment to make a future gift. However, we know that many people prefer to keep their gifts confidential, and we respect the wishes of donors who prefer to remain anonymous.

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Current funding needs

Jody Deering Nyquist Award for Excellence in the Study of Communication

The purpose of this endowment is to support annual awards for undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence in the study of communication. This shall include awards for outstanding students in (1) public speaking; (2) original research; and (3) the theory and practice of interpersonal, group or instructional communication. The expenses for which the fund is intended include cash prizes to the recipients of the awards specified above and reasonable expenses incurred in the holding of an annual ceremony at which the awards are presented.

Communications Scholarship Fund

Scholarship support for the Department of Communication undergraduate students. This support can make the difference in whether a student can enroll for classes, purchase textbooks, and continue their progress toward a degree.

Excellence in Journalism Fund

Support for students interested in the dynamic multimedia environment of twenty-first-century journalism. Includes support for the Department’s signature internships covering the Washington State Legislature in Olympia.

Journalism Foreign Intrigue Scholarship

To provide financial assistance to undergraduate students in the journalism program to travel overseas to work at a foreign newspaper.

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Other funds include:

Thomas M. Scheidel Annual Faculty Lecture Fund

This fund was formed in honor of Professor Scheidel, who chaired the Department of Speech Communication for twelve years and served as Associate Dean of Humanities for the College of Arts and Sciences. It supports an annual lecture by a prominent scholar in the field as well as events connected with the lecture.

The Communications Faculty Enrichment Fund

Support to enhance the work of faculty in the Department of Communication within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Friends of Communication Fund

This fund is used by the Department of Communication to support major department events and activities connected with professional conferences, Spring graduation, Fall orientation, and guest lectures throughout the year.

Speech Communication Fund

This fund is used by the Department of Communication for general business expenses not funded by the College, such as visits to campus by candidates for faculty appointments; publication of departmental newsletters, programs, and brochures; and purchase of materials related to teaching and learning in the department.

Communications Program Support Fund

General program support for the Communication program in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Communications School Fund II

Support for the furtherance of academic activities within the Department of Communication within the College of Arts and Sciences.
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Pat Cranston Student Creativity Endowed Fund in Communication

The purpose of this fund is to support Communication students in their pursuit of professional opportunities for which a small amount of funding would make a huge difference. The goal is to support student creativity in many forms, so that students can take a chance on an idea. All funded projects must have clear professional value. Support this fund >>

Human Trafficking Research Fund

This fund supports research led by Dr. Kirsten Foot on ways to improve efforts to combat human trafficking within the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Footʼs timely research on this complex problem examines and catalyzes inter-organizational and multi-sector collaboration in the anti-human trafficking movement. Contributions toward this research will help it advance more rapidly. Support this fund >>

Thank you for your support. Your Gift will provide resources to develop and create programs that are not covered by state funding. More than ever, the Department of Communication is committed to providing a transformative education. We push students to take on challenges, reach beyond themselves, and see the world in new ways. Here are some transformative opportunities we offer:

  • Journalism internships covering WA state legislature
  • Speeches on tough topics delivered among public
  • Study-abroad experiences in Europe and elsewhere
  • In-field research supervised by renowned scholars
  • Internships for overseas news outlets
  • Development of online organizations and networks
  • Cross-cultural interactions with marginalized groups