Faculty and Graduate Students Answer “Communication’s Civic Callings”

barbara_wThe UW Department of Communication had a strong showing in Philadelphia at the National Communication Association’s (NCA) 102nd Annual Convention.

This year, participants demonstrated “how mass and mediated communication is uniquely situated to engage audiences and communities in various forms of civic engagement in order to push boundaries, make political interventions, and explore communicative possibilities at local, regional, national, and international levels.”

During the event, the NCA paid special tribute to UW Professor Barbara Warnick. Entitled Thinking of Barbara Warnick: Public Argument and Our Civic Calling, the roundtable discussion, led by Dr. Leah Ceccarelli, celebrated the life and work of Barbara Warnick: rhetorical and communication theorist, new media scholar, and all around defender of public reason.

Several graduate students also presented at the conference on a variety of topics, as can be seen below:

Anjuli Brekke“Teach Us the Truth:” The Controversy Over Advanced Placement United States History

Maggie FesenmaierSending home more than money: The implementation of social remittances within the field of communication

Katya KolesovaThe development of artistic scientific literature: Matvei bronshtein’s solar matter and soviet politics of the popularization of science

KC LynchThe Bite that Fades: Tone and Vanitas in Hannibal’s Food Scenes

Jennifer McClearen

  • Sexual violence on U.S. college campuses: A civics of avoidance or engagement?
  • Branding a UFC nation: Convergence, difference, and homonationalism in transnational sports media

Elizabeth Parks

  • Listening together: Creating an interpersonal listening ethic through discourses of difference and dialogic philosophy
  • All the world’s a religious/spiritual stage: Confronting the global challenges of communication and religion/spirituality
  • Listen first: A dialogic listening ethic for signed language research with Caribbean deaf communities
  • Pedagogy of peace and conflict: Building and sharing communication curriculum to transform
  • Eyes that hear: Reframing miraculous healing through deaf theology and culture Division: Religious Communication

Alyssa SamborFraming sexual assault: Understanding the role of mediated rape myths in televised court coverage of the Steubenville trial

Danny StoflethTalking about mindfulness: Portrayals in diverse speech communities

Yunkang YangHow protests succeed in china: The story of issue opportunity structure, social media, and violence