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Four Peaks

Transmedia Storytelling and Net Neutrality were the topics at the MDCM’s first ever Four Peaks public salon. The salon started with a live broadcast of MediaSpaceTV featuring an interview between MCDM director Hanson Hosein and Brent Friedman, CEO of Electric Farm Entertainment. Transmedia Storytelling, an interactive and multiplatform storytelling method, is according to Friedman, a way of exploring “additional tributaries,” and selecting tools from a “digital sandbox.”

The February Four Peaks Salon featured Intellectual Ventures CEO Nathan Myhrvold in a live on-camera interview with Media Space host Hanson Hosein. Myhrvold explained why his new 2,400-page book Modernist Cuisine is destined to turn the kitchen upside down.

The next salon, April 14, features Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, managing partner of the Gobee Group and co-author of Technology at the Margins: How IT Meets the Needs of Emerging Markets.

Media Space

The Master of Communication in Digital Media program hosts a monthly television program on UWTV, titled Media Space.  Each month the program includes an interview with a thought leader who offers insights about how politics and law, economies, cultural forces, and technologies interact to shape societies. Sometimes the content is sublime; sometimes it’s not! In March, the guest was Eric Liu, founder of Guiding Lights Network.

Storyteller Uprising Wednesday lecture series

The breakdown of traditional news sources and the explosion of accessible digital tools have forced us to reconsider the ways we communicate. Seattle Arts and Lectures and the Master of Communication in Digital Media are co-presenting the five-part lecture series, “SAL U: Storyteller Uprising: Narrative and Engagement Intelligence in the Digital Age,” on alternate Wednesday evenings.

All lectures will be held from 7:30 - 9 p.m. in Kane Hall 210. Buy tickets at the door ($20.00 each lecture) or contact Beth Koemans, for event details or available podcasts and media produced from this series.

Upcoming lectures, presented by MCDM faculty, are:

  • March 23: Scott Macklin, Building Organizational Capacity through Convening Community Stories
  • April 6: Anita Verna Crofts, Let's Do the Numbers: Metrics and Maturation of Digital Media in Emerging Markets