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Media Lab 1 CMU 302 Scheduling availability Room setup
Media Lab 2 CMU 304 Scheduling availability Room setup
Video Lab CMU 318E Scheduling availability Room setup
News Lab CMU 322 Scheduling availability Room setup
InterAction Lab CMU 321 Scheduling availability Room setup
Small Meeting Room CMU 325 Scheduling availability Room setup
Speaking Center CMU 222a&b Scheduling availability Room setup
Recording Studio CMU 222c Scheduling availability Room setup
Grad Seminar Room CMU 242 Scheduling availability Room setup
Large Meeting Room CMU 126 Scheduling availability Room setup
Classroom CMU 104 Scheduling availability Room setup
Meeting Room CMU 102E Scheduling availability Room setup


Use of the department’s facilities requires that you agree to certain conditions.

If you would like an equipment orientation for the room you will be teaching in (302, 304, 322, 104, or 126), contact us. For other classrooms, please contact Classroom Support Services.

Media Lab 1 (CMU 302)

Capacity: 27
Primary functions: Multimedia lab with video editing, sound editing, web design and statistical analysis software. May be used by all university students when classes and special events are not scheduled.

Media Lab 2 (CMU 304)

Capacity: 22
Primary functions: Multimedia lab with sound editing, web design and statistical analysis software. May be used by all university students when classes and special events are not scheduled.

Video Lab (CMU 318E)

Capacity: 15
Primary functions: Video production lab. May be used by all university students when classes and special events are not scheduled.

Graduate Lab (CMU 306)


In support of their teaching, classroom, and research responsibilities, graduate students may use the computers in CMU 306. The Grad Lab offers students meeting spaces, statistics software, and 14 Windows 7 stations.

Software Available>>

The InterAction Lab (CMU 321)

Capacity: 15
Primary functions: Used for focus groups and research.  Contact John Crowley for access and information.

News Lab (CMU 322)

Capacity: 25
Primary functions: Newsroom for journalism students
Notes: Includes 10 work stations. A classroom computer and DVD player are available with projection.

Public Speaking (CMU 222 a&b)

Capacity: 5
Primary functions: Mentor students with public speaking skills. It is equipped with video recording for public speaking feedback.

Recording Studio (CMU 222c)

Capacity: 5
Primary Function: This is an audio and video recording studio. It is equipped with cameras, lights, microphones, green screen, a computer, and other equipment used for creating video and audio media. To use this room, you will need to first schedule a quick training session to cover the basics of the equipment. For access, please contact

Grad Seminar Room (CMU 242)


Capacity: 20
Primary function: Graduate student seminar room.
Notes: Has 20 seats with a large table that can be arranged for breakout groups. Equipped with a computer/projector/speakers and a setup for laptops.

CMU 126

Capacity: 25
Primary functions: Large meeting room.
1) If you wish to alter the room arrangement in any way you are responsible for both the re-arrangement and returning the room to its original condition and layout. Failure to do so will result in loss of access to the room.
2) If you wish to make alterations, you must allow 30 minutes between the end of any previous events and the start of your event, and 30 minutes after the end of your event to the start of a following event in order to allow for re-arrangement and reconfiguration.

CMU 104








Capacity: 45
Primary functions: Class meetings and other scheduled events.
Equipment Available: Computer, projector, speakers, DVD/VHS player

CMU 102E

Capacity: 8
Primary functions: Small meetings
No computer equipment is available in this room.

Small Meeting Room (CMU 325)

Capacity: 9
Primary functions: Meetings or discussions
A TV screen with VGA support is offered for collaborative meetings.