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Samantha Shorey
  Entry Year: 2014
  Area of Study: Technology & Society, Cultural Production, Feminist Media Studies
  Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Communication | University of San Diego
  Other Degree: M.A. Communication | University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Studying new media has been a way for me to study creative practice ("making") in the material and digital world. My research focuses on women working in cultural industries - specifically technology design and innovation. I use qualitative methods to center the processes and subjectivities of media producers. I'm committed to research in the spirit of hopefulness, when appropriate.

I'm currently a research assistant in the Tactile and Tactical (TAT) Lab in the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering.

Currently, I'm doing field research on MakerSpaces in universities. I'm also working with the Computational Propaganda project at Oxford Internet Institute, interviewing people who design automated bots. My previous research has focused on how bloggers navigate the relationship between their online personas and their offline lives - both in terms of personal expression (tumblr) and professional "branding" of the self (lifestyle blogs).

More about my work on my professional website: