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Marcus Johnson
  Entry Year: 2016
  Degree Program: PhD
  Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Global Studies, University of Washington Bothell, Minor: Human Rights
  Other Degree: Master of Arts in Cultural Studies, 2016

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Masters of Cultural Studies Graduate student Marcus Johnson won a prestigious Mary Gates Scholarship for the summer of 2012, winter and spring quarters of 2013. Expanding on his accomplishments as a Global Studies major, and Human Rights minor, Johnson has worked with IAS faculty member Benjamin Gardner on “The Multi Dimensions of Blackness: Cultural Hegemony in the United States and Abroad.” Johnson’s research stems from a “disquieting” encounter he had while visiting family in the Dominican Republic that catalyzed his interest in different formations of “blackness” in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the United States. Johnson's comparative project will situate issues of race within the domestic dynamics of the United States and the international aspects that contribute to the lives of Afro-Dominicans, Afro-Haitians, and Afro-Americans today. As a Mary Gates Scholar, recent Graduate Opportunity Program fellow (GOP), and current research assistant for The Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity, Johnson looks forward to continuing his research on key issues in the Dominican Republic. Currently, Johnson continues to expand his academic career as a PhD student in the University of Washington Seattle Communication Program. As a Mary Gates Scholar, and Undergraduate Research Leader alum, he will join a unique community of other UW leaders, researchers, and alumni.