A degree in journalism can lead to many different professions in the changing media landscape. High quality writing, the ability to lead an interview, and working on a deadline are all skills that can translate to a variety of careers. Below are a few options to think about.

Industry: Print and Digital Journalism/Media Writing

Journalists play an important role in our democratic society. While much of the industry has shifted from print to on the web, courses in journalism build a strong foundation in writing, reporting, and interviewing skills. Students also become familiar with journalistic ethics, which are transferrable to any medium.

Examples of professions on this career path:Jillian Stampher 200x200

  • Newspaper Reporter
  • Blogger
  • Columnist
  • Documentarian
  • Editor > Read about alumna Jillian Stampher who became an editor at NBC News Digital’s Breaking News after graduating in June 2014.
  • Publisher

Journalism students are encouraged to get hands-on experience through an internship. The department offers the Olympia Legislative Reporting Internship for those interested in political and legislative reporting, and the Journalism Foreign Intrigue Scholarship for those interested in international journalism. Students may also want to get involved with student media, including the University of Washington’s award-winning campus newspaper, The Daily, or join the Society of Professional Journalists student chapter.

Industry: Broadcast / TV Journalism

Communication professionals who deliver the news are important conduits for sharing information with the public. An intricate team of professionals work together within the newsroom to present valuable and accurate news to their audience, and in the process help establish trust in the journalistic process.

Examples of professions on this career path:Veronica Quintero 200x200

  • Producer
  • Anchor > Veronica Quintero (B.A., 2013) is a TV Reporter and Anchor for KNDO-TV.
  • Social Media Manager
  • Meteorologist
  • News Director
  • Graphics Designer

Students interested in this industry could consider working for The Daily’s Double Shot on UWTV. Be sure to check out all of the great media production equipment you can reserve through the department as well. Students can also pursue UW’s Certificate in Film & Video: Artistry & Production.

Industry: Writing

A career in writing draws on many of the analytical and communication skills that students learn while in the Journalism Program. Many industries rely heavily on individuals who can communicate effectively through the written word, making writers a valuable commodity. In addition, certain types of writing can be a rewarding way for a professional to enjoy a large amount of freedom in their career.

Examples of professions on this career path: Kristin Hannah 200x200

  • Technical Writer
  • Author > Kristin Hannah (B.A., 1983) hit number one on the New York Times best seller list with her book “Home Front.”
  • Brand Specialist
  • Product Writer
  • Copy Editor

Students interested in writing will leave the Journalism Program with a great portfolio of completed work. Students are also encouraged to pursue writing courses offered through the Department of English, to create material for The Daily or to pursue a certificate program in writing.